Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Helpful Flight Handbooks

Most of these my flight instructor recommended. Others I found on my own.

This I found while searching for something I could study to help me with the written test.

This book was extremely helpful as I fly in the mountains and it deals with the difference between mountain flight and  flight at lower altitudes. There is a lot to consider with mountain flight and if anyone plans on doing it I would recommend this book.

A massive volume, it was hard to get through at times, but I learned so much. After I had read it, before he knew I had, my flight instructor recommended it for me.

This one I love. It is written just for the tests, it is easy to understand and so helpful.

This is the newest one my flight instructor wanted me to read. I am currently on the chapter of landings, since we will be working on landings next.

Another from my flight teacher. There are three test, Oral, Written, and the flight time. He wanted me to read this to help prepare me for the Oral. There is a lot to study in it.